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Thursday, November 24, 2016

@DrJillStein's "regrets" are too little, too late

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein announced yesterday that she is calling for a recount in three critical states that made Donald Trump president. Since August this blog has taken the her to task. While warning that Donald Trump can only win if Jill Stein stays in, we asked her to withdraw her candidacy and join the campaign to defeat Donald Trump. She didn't, and the rest is history.

As we feared, it was Jill Stein's candidacy that put Donald Trump over the top. We showed, by analyzing the final vote, that if all the Jill Stein voters in just three states, WI, MI, and PA had voted for Hillary Clinton, and in PA another 20,000 voters had come out to vote for Clinton, she would be president instead of Trump. Since the Jill Stein campaign focused on denigrating Clinton as compared to Trump, and even claimed that Trump was the "lesser evil" with regards to relations with Russia, it's very likely that she suppressed a lot more Clinton votes than she won for herself. This data is from Politico [updated 24 Nov. 2016]:

Candidate Count % Michigan [16] Wisconsin [10] Pennsylvania [20]
Donald Trump 61,201,031 47% 2,279,805 1,409,467 2,912,941
Hillary Clinton 62,523,126 48% 2,268,193 1,382,210 2,844,705
Difference 11,612 27,257 68,012
Jill Stein 802,119 0.7% 50,700 30,980 48,912

We know this is the case because whereas Jill Stein was running between 2%-4% in the polls leading up to election day, she actually got less than 1% of the vote, so it it clear that many Jill Stein supporters didn't vote for her and since the ultimate betrayal of her would have been to vote for Hillary Clinton, they probably just stayed home and didn't vote at all. It was those stay at home progressives and Jill Stein voters in WI, MI & PA that put Donald Trump over the top.
This shows us that as tiny as the Left is, and insignificant as the US Green Party may appear to be, it held the balance of power in this election. That Left made Donald Trump president. There can be little doubt that had Jill Stein and her supporters on the Left, like Democracy Now, taken the tact advocated by Linux Beach and said "this time is different, this is a good time to choose the lesser evil, and then fight for change under a Clinton rather than a Trump administration," that is the future we would now be facing.
A quarter million people are under siege in East Aleppo. They
are being murdered by the flag Jill Stein celebrates here.

Apparently, Jill Stein has her "regrets" because now she is calling for a recount in WI,MI & PA. The hope must be to show that Hillary Clinton really did win the popular vote in those critical states even without the Jill Stein voters. Given the high stakes, we can only wish that she could succeed, but being of this world, and not of some alternate reality, we have to recognize that the chances of success of this recount effort are about the same as Jill Stein's chances of being elected president or even getting 5% of the vote.

Getting 5% of the vote was suppose to be the "realistic" Green Party goal. They asked progressives to opt out of the presidential decision making process so that less progressive citizens could decide who the next president is and so that the Green Party could get millions in federal dollars. Enough progressives did vote Green or stayed home to make Donald Trump president, but Jill Stein is still missing those millions, so a cynic might think that the real goal in raising millions to defeat Trump after the election is just a ploy to make up lost ground in the fund raising department. CNN is reporting:
Jill Stein, liberals seek voting hack investigation

By Tom Foreman, Tom LoBianco and David Gracey
24 November 2016
Washington (CNN)Green Party nominee Jill Stein launched a bid Wednesday to seek a vote recount in three key Rust Belt states as pressure builds among liberals to challenge election results.

The Stein campaign said it needed to raise over $2 million by Friday to pay for recounts. That goal was reached by early Thursday morning, and the campaign has now increased the target to $4.5 million.

"Over the last 48-72 hours, reports have come in from experts, cyberexperts, who are reporting to us some very troubling news about the possibility of security breaches in voting results across this country," Stein campaign manager David Cobb said in a video posted to Stein's Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

Stein and others are seeking an audit and recount of the November 8 voting results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, following reports that voting security experts alerted Hillary Clinton's campaign to the possibility of hacks in key counties in those states.

President-elect Donald Trump claimed Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- wins that helped push him comfortably over the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes needed for victory -- while Michigan remains too close to call, more than two weeks after Election Day.

While the loss of those states played a large part in Clinton's downfall, her lead in the popular vote has continued to grow. She now has close to 2 million more votes than Trump -- and pressure has been mounting among liberals for an investigation into what happened on Election Day.
"Demand an audit. Make the call," filmmaker Joss Whedon tweeted late Tuesday, with a picture of Clinton reading "She Won."
It's an ironic twist from just a month ago, when Trump was cautioning that the election results would be "rigged" and that he may not accept the outcome.

Stein, who ran as an independent, third-party candidate in 2012 and 2016, does not stand to benefit personally from the proposed recounts -- she received only 1.1% of the vote in Wisconsin and less than 1% in Pennsylvania.
She launched her effort after computer scientists reportedly told Clinton campaign officials that the election may have indeed been rigged -- in Trump's favor. More...

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