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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Red Elephant's lament after Santa Monica CRJ victory

Red Elephants is a white supremacist group that wants to turn the United States into a whites-only country. Recently, they have targeted the Santa Monica Committee for Racial Justice for destruction. CRJ has been meeting peacefully one a month for more than six years. In July and August "Trump supporters" from the Red Elephants and other "Alt-Right" groups had limited success in disrupting the meeting. They vowed to return in September with "hundreds," but when they saw how the community had turned out to support the committee, they decided to send a few spies instead. The day after this very successful meeting of the Santa Monica Committee for Racial Justice, Vincent James, the Red Elephant, posted this video, Anti-White Organizers of White Privilege Seminar Trying To Slander Me, in which he complains about what he feels is mistreatment by his critics. Oh, woe is he! Since he used a clip from an interview he did with me after the August meeting in his "slander" protest, I have crafted a response:

Red Elephants Lament

BTW, these people are obviously well funded. As I publish this, Vicent James and the Red Elephants are Live Streaming the "pro-Trump" MOAR in Washington, DC this morning.

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  1. One of the wisest individuals I have met in recent weeks writes this blog. Thank you Linux Beach, for your spot-on analysis of red elephants. Alot of people don't see that they have a puppet master and are actively indoctrinating youth. Red elephants is a growing group with very dangerous ties to white nationalists and various anti-semetic groups too, such as RAM and DIY DIVISION, Beach Goys and more...