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Friday, July 14, 2017

White nationalists disrupt Santa Monica anti-racist meeting

Committee for Racial Justice held a workshop on white privilege in at the Virginia Ave Park Center in Santa Monica, CA on Sunday, 9 July 2017. For the first time ever, a group of white nationalists showed up to disrupt the meeting. This is a troubling sign. The fact that they are now willing to invade peaceful meetings even in "The People's Republic of Santa Monica" as it has often been called, and the fact that the group behind this claims more than 160,000 "friends" on their facebook page, attests to the growth of this fascist movement since Trump's presidential victory. The mainstream media has been hiding this development and even Democracy Now has had little to say, so it will be up to us to expose it and fight it.

The CRJ Steering Committee wrote in a follow-up email:
During 6 plus years of monthly workshops, this was the first incident of this kind we have had. Unfortunately, we were inadequately prepared for this one. Clearly we want to be much better prepared for any recurrence in the future, and we want to let you know what steps we have taken and plan to take to that end. We have identified the group that these disrupters represented. The group is called the Red Elephants. They are pro-Trump and obviously racist and anti-Semitic.
I wasn't planning on making a video of the meeting but when I saw what was going on I shot some footage with a little Canon G9X Mark II that I recently purchased and now carry with me everywhere. (It's pocket size.) This is what I produced:

Anti-capitalist and anti-fascist fighters have long worn masks for good reason, and the Occupy movement made the bandana across the face very fashionable, but these bullies weren't hiding there face from the police or the Trump Justice Department. They are hiding their faces for the same cowardly reason the Klu Klux Klan always hides their's. The woman that felt she had to leave the meeting early because she had her twelve year old son with her is no doubt aware for the long history of African Americans being terrorized by white men wearing masks. Her family has lived in Santa Monica since the 1930's and in 2017 that fear has come back to her home town.

This is how the Red Elephants see themselves:

We are a freedom defense militia that are also media.
We were sick of seeing people get beat up in the streets by neo-marxist Antifa members and decided to show up and fight back.
We were sick of the mainstream media spreading lies about current events, so we decided to show up and fight back, and share the TRUTH!
We live stream at almost every rally, event and Town hall, fighting locally to change blue states to RED.

Over 150,000 followers on Facebook.
If you'd like to join the cause visit us here >> facebook.com/TheRealRedElephants
Since they came to the meeting with a two person smartphone/selfie stick camera crew, it was obvious that they intended to produce a propaganda video of the event. I found it. Here it is:

Trump Supporters CRASH White Privilege Seminar

Streamed live on Jul 13, 2017
SUPPORT US - Patreon.com/TheRedElephants

Trump supporters crashed a white privilege seminar was held in Santa Monica, CA that was organized by a predominetly [sic] Jewish group that pushes white guilt throughout schools and communities across the nations.

TAGS - white genocide - white privilege - white guilt - white hate
If you watch their videos or look at their website it will become chillingly clear that behind all the talk of "white genocide" they are preparing for the mass murder of people of color in the United States, and for them that includes Jews. While the mass media would rather talk about anything but this rising international white nationalist trend, and Trump is distracting us with a Tweet show, they are quietly building up their fascist forces like these young Red Elephants, until the white nationalist kabal now holding power in the White House, can sweep aside any remaining elements of our neo-liberal democracy and institute straight up racist rule!

We must fight back now!

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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  1. Rev greets from Vancouver BC in the "Great White North" ie Canada. I just read about your unfortunate event and you have my sympathies. CRJ are indeed fortunate that the Nazis who crashed your meeting were satisfied with harassing and intimidating participants through a media stunt. IMHE Nazi interruptions up here are similar; they leave quickly once they discover no one will take their bait. I fully appreciate the fear and anxiety your audience felt by their presence and their actions.

    Your topic of white privilege was really topical. White people who want to fight racism must subvert this alleged benefit of oppression to expose and oppose Nazis in every setting. I don't pretend to advise you in any way. I extend my solidarity to you and hope that many more people gain confidence to join your activist projects to smash racism.

  2. you should not get worked up by cowards in masks.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. They probably would have been taken more seriously if they showed up without masks and just stated their arguments respectfully without being rude and interrupting other people.

      They want to be taken seriously but then pull shit like this. I don't get it.

  3. Need some antifa with crowbars to meet those turds outside.

    1. Antifa is like 0-1000 in real fights you fucking homo

    2. These are boys, not men. Jack Mehoff's obsession with gays is could be an indication that he himself is gay and conflicted about it. After the meeting, they took off their .99 cent store bandannas, rolled a joint, and got back to playing video games. These kids are low info kids from messed up families who have junk jobs, because who wants to hire a self-marginilized high school drop-out wanna-be Nazi for a decent job? No worries -- they're the fringe of the fringefuck. They want to make California a Republican state. How? By wearing bandannas, making empty threats and saying "fuck"? No worries!

  4. This is so sad and I am a bit shocked to hear this happened in Santa Monica but I guess this has always been around and perhaps it's these confrontations that will actually propel us forward into a new way of being. I don't know but you have my sympathy / solidarity and I think it's GREAT that you even have these meetings. And to the above commenter who says they shouldn't "get worked up over people in masks" your comment is a bit ironic. The lack of pigment in your skin actually affords you the privilege of not being affected or scared by this because you and your family have not endured the traumatic history of those who have been attacked and abused by groups of masked men for over a century in this country because of the pigment in theirs!

  5. Shouldn't reporting on events be factual and not mixed in personal opinion into a reporting of events, like how do you tie in the President of the United States in this reporting, as soon as you shifted the blame towards Trump, I stopped and didn't read the rest, first of all the KKK endorsed Hilary for Presidency, plus Hilary made an eulogy praising Senator Byrd as a great man with principal and she's proud to have worked closely and admired him. The Senator was very racists as he too, was part of the KKK, how do you tie in that Trump is a racist when his three ex wives were all foreigners, which group has Trump been associated with that is based on racism, these guys are bullies and raised wrong. Trump haters are a similar group as white racist because it's hating, disappointed that you implicated the President of the USA without proof he is directly associated with those loser at the meeting...none, it was your personal opinion added into the story and it was baseless and, wrong.

    1. Maybe you missed the MAGA hat one of the masked disrupters, but you should be aware they call themselves Trump supporters and are clearly inspired by him. Hillary Clinton has no place in this discussion, but you seek to drag her into it anyway. That is why I won't fall for the trap to responding to your false charges - they are clearly off target.

    2. The kkk, David Duke and the Alt right all endorsed Trump. The hell are you talking about?

    3. Do you even know what youre talking about? The KKK openly endorsed Trump.

      Trump also:
      - Spearheaded the Obama "birther" movement based on racist assumptions
      - Refused to condemn his white supremacist supporters saying "everyone likes me" instead.
      - Encouraged violence towards african american protestors at his rallies
      - Cut off funding from organizations that combat domestic terrorism from white supremacists
      - Tweeting false statistic about black people in order to demonize them

      And please stop trying to pull a Trump and randomly blame Hillary for stuff she has nothing to do with. "But Hillary..." seems to be your go-to pedantic argument.

      But then again you felt the need to comment before reading the article, so I guess you have no desire to actually learn from other people's perspective.

  6. 1: they hide their faces to keep from retaliation at work and society from those who think like yall.
    2: any group that gets together to speak of "white priviledge" needs to be disrupted because it's complete and utter bs.

    1. Agree 100%. People pushing this white hate are vile, disgusting garbage and a blight upon our society. THEY are the source of division and hostility between diverse ethnic groups and who profits from it? Those who own the media and the banks. I rest my case.

  7. I watched you video and like most you attacked the individuals who are finally tiered of being blamed. Those so called Nazi's never said anything out of line nor did they attack anyone they weren't even aloud to speak every chance they tried you cut them off. Being fed up with groups such as yours does not make someone a raciest. And do you have any idea how hypocritical you sound when you say if antifa wears a mask it's for good but is whites do it it's because they are cowards. You people do that alot you want people to hear you but want to stop anyone else from speaking. Your accusations about these people having a web site that's promoting mass murder is borderline slander and if I were them I would sue you and your entire white privilege group for that and discrimination. It's scared people like you who spread false fear and made up tales of mass terror that is creating all the chaos. You are no better than those you speak of matter a fact you are worse because you think you are above the rest because you live in some high dollar town. Maybe if you treated people better and didn't have stupid meetings where you praise yourselves as if your some type of royalty and did something with some meaning instead of attacking people who question your motives. Trump has nothing to do with your inadequate fears you live with everyday. Because it looked to me that all you stuffy Santa Monica people just stepped out of a shinny paint both when the so called Nazi looked like he just left a hard days work busting his ass in the heat probly to take care of his family. He has to wear a mask because cowards like you would problem contact the job he has to care for his family and cause him to loose it because you hypocritical Asshole think you have that right. Go peddle you fears in your meetings don't write things to get attention you only sound like some spoiled ass teenagers making up gossip and lies because you are scared. Watch your own video again and take look at who was being attacked and who was upset. Not ones did those supposed Nazi's do one think out of line accept not kiss your ass

    1. You are exactly right. The Bolshievik left are complete subversive hypocrites.

  8. Since you are a member of the einsatzgruppen social club, I guess it's safe to call you a nazi.

  9. this is a lie
    antifa wore masks the alt-right do not
    they stand up and show themselves
    this is propaganda on the highest level

    1. Are you claiming that the 3 masked individuals at this meeting were anti-fascists? I don't believe you, in part because you posted this claim of white nationalist transparency anonymously. "Alt-Right" is already a failure to stand up and show themselves because its a label racists use about themselves to deceive others.

  10. One wonders if these racist groups are not working "undercover" with state regimes as in various voter suppression manipulations.