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Russian lies on #MH17 are so easy to bust!

The Russian lies and fabrications relating to Malaysia Air flight MH 17 have been coming fast and furious in the past last 48 hours. The general theme appears to be to push a false flag narrative similar to the one they had some success in selling about the sarin gas attacks that took place in the Damascus suburbs the night of 21th August. There, in spite of all the damning evidence that Assad was behind the deed, including the UN conclusion that the sarin used came from his stockpiles, Putin and his minions supported a story that Assad's opposition poisoned their own people and made it look like Assad did it in the vain hope that it would provoke western military intervention on their side.

Now they are selling the narrative that the downing of MH17 was actually a false-flag attack. They are "implying" that the Ukrainian government shot down the plane and fabricated evidence to pin it on the pro-Russian forces in the hopes that it will provoke western military intervention on their side.

Fortunately, some of their stories have been put together so quickly and are so sloppy that they can easily be disproved, even by a blogger in Venice that isn't an expert in anything. Call this the Case of the Plane that couldn't fly that high. Take, for example this story from the Chinese news service Xinhuanet:
Russian DM says Ukrainian fighter jet near MH17 before crash

2014-07-21 21:46:01
MOSCOW, July 21 (Xinhua) -- A Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet was flying close to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 before it crashed in eastern Ukraine, a Russian military official said on Monday.

The Ukrainian fighter jet flew within 3-5 km of the ill-fated Malaysian airliner before it was downed, Andrei Kartopolov, chief of the main operative department of the General Staff, told reporters.

Moscow would ask for explanation from Kiev, he added. More...
RT even includes a colorful graph with their report:
Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to
MH17 before crash - Moscow

Published time: July 21, 2014 12:59
The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe. Kiev must explain why the military jet was tracking the passenger airplane, the Russian Defense Ministry said. More...
Here is the problem with these reports: Malaysia Air flight MH17 was flying at 10km. attitude. The Su-25 has an operational ceiling of 7km. It simply can't fly high enough to do what the Russians are saying it was doing.

From the Air Force Technology write up on the Su-25:
The Su-25 can climb at the rate of 58m/s. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 950km/h. The combat radius and ferry range of the aircraft are 375km and 7,500km respectively. The normal range of the Su-25 is 750km. The service ceiling is 7,000m.
Wikipedia gives this as its service ceiling: 7,000 m (22,960 ft) clean, 5,000 m (16,000 ft) with max weapons. Military Factory says "Su-25's operational service ceiling is reached at approximately 23,000 feet." agrees Ceiling: 22,965 ft

This one was just too easy to debunk. They need to get better at "fact checking" their lies before they go public with them, otherwise people might start saying RT stands for "Relative Truths."

FLASH TRAFFIC!!! As I'm about to publish, the is reporting on a failed attempt to by someone with a Russian IP address to "update" the Wikipedia specifications for the Su-25! They also say the above graphic came from the Russian Defense Ministry and they note it has a US EF-111 flying close to MH17 as well as the Su-25 flying well over its ceiling.  

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US: recordings on pro-Russian downing of #MH17 are real

Igor Bezler
Linux Beach pointed to the responsibility of Russian GRU agent Igor Bezler, and his crew of "pro-Russian" BUK advanced air defense system operators, for the shooting down of Malaysia Air MH17 and the murder of all 298 people on board the day after the accident on the strength of recordings released by the Ukrainian security service [SBU] which included an intercept of Igor Bezler telling a Russian military intelligence officer "We have just shot down a plane," 25 minutes after MH17 was lost.

I was able to very quickly "authenticate" this recording before I cited it because I found "prior art" from the same YouTube channel of many similar claimed telephone intercepts that shared the same style and production values even though some had as few as 2 and 5 views. One, posted on 24 April 2014, claimed to be of an earlier intercept involving the same Igor Bezler.

In addition, since Igor Bezler is a very vocal fellow, there are other recordings of him on the Internet. This allows for comparison between the voice that is claimed to be from Igor Bezler taking credit for shooting down the plane and the other samples of his voice. I have also produced a composite video that allows easy comparison between the various samples. I concluded that this is the same voice and that understanding the language would only be a distraction in making that determination. This is how I authenticated the SBU recording. This Yahoo News 9 hours ago doesn't say how the US authenticated the recording. Maybe they read my blog?
US says recordings of Ukraine rebels admitting MH17 downing 'authentic'

Kiev (AFP) - Alleged intercepted phone conversations released by Ukraine’s security service of pro-Russian rebels discussing how they shot down Malaysian airliner MH17 are genuine, the US embassy in Kiev said Sunday.

Ukraine's SBU security agency on Thursday released recordings of what it claimed were phone talks involving rebels and a Russian military intelligence officer admitting that they had hit the passenger jet after mistaking it for a military aircraft.

The recordings were presented as key evidence to back up Kiev's claims that rebels -- supported by Russia -- downed the jet while the separatists accused Ukraine's army of being responsible.

"Audio data provided to the press by the Ukrainian security service was evaluated by Intelligence Community analysts who confirmed these were authentic conversations between known separatist leaders," the US embassy in Ukraine said in a statement. More...
Quite predictably, as quickly as the US government announced its conclusion that the recording were genuine, Russian sources came forward to pronounce them fakes. The Itar-Tass News Agency has published this today:
Kiev’s evidence of militia’s responsibility for airliner crash faked - expert

July 20, 14:37 UTC
MOSCOW, A tape posted by Ukrainian security services in the Internet and allegedly recording a talk between self-defense fighters about the destruction of a Malaysian airliner is a fake, experts said on Sunday.

A group of experts studied the tape and came to the conclusion that it was made up of numerous unrelated recordings.

“This audio recording is not an integral file and is made up of several fragments,” said Nikolai Popov, a reputable expert in sound and voice analysis. More...
The Russian website Customs, Voice of Sevastopol, goes into greater detail and includes a graphic that shows the voice waves and is suppose to support their analysis.

They go on to argue:
The tape’s second fragment consists of three pieces but was presented as a single audio recording. However, a spectral and time analysis has showed that the dialog was cut into pieces and then assembled. Short pauses in the tape are very indicative: the audio file has preserved time marks which show that the dialog was assembled from various episodes, the expert said.
Generally speaking, when confronting such claims of authenticity or the lack of it by governments and their "experts," we amateur investigators and "bloggers" operate with a serious handicap because we generally don't have access to the same high quality source material or the high calibre tools of government spies. In this case the field is more level because everybody outside of the Ukrainian government is dealing with the same AAC audio stream being delivered by YouTube. It became apparent that we both use the same high calibre software audio editing and analysis program, as soon as I loaded the disputed YouTube video into my favorite Linux audio tool, Audacity:

Look familar? Clearly their graphic is also a screenshot from Audacity of the same soundtrack with a few green arrows and notes added. They would have you believe that they are showing you the tell-tale signs that the recording is a fake. I don't see that, but I say more

I don't see how their experts could see what they claim to see. Specifically I say I don't see how they could say "the audio file has preserved time marks which show that the dialog was assembled from various episodes." Whatever editing, compositing and manipulation was done to this audio stream before it was uploaded to YouTube, and whatever were the "time marks" or other specifics of the original source material, what we all get on download from YouTube is a single Stereo AAC encoded audio stream @ 44100 Hz, s16, 95 kb/s with a new time code to sync it to the video stream. It simply no longer contains the information these Russia experts are claiming to find in it.

The subject is very technical and complex and they throw "experts" at you who say they have proven by this or that that the recording is fake but I think I know a thing or two about the subject matter and I just don't buy a YouTube AAC stream that preserves past time marks. Sorry, not buying it.

I think the intercepts of Igor Bezler are genuine and the Russian audio experts are fake.

You listen & decide - Is this voice of man who shot down #MH17?

On the same day that Malaysia Air flight MH 17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile with the loss of life of all 298 passengers and crew aboard on 17 July 2014, the Ukrainian Security Service [SBU] posted a video to You Tube which they said contained a recording of Igor Bezler, A Russian GRU agent saying they had just shot down an aircraft. I reported on this in my blog on Thursday.

Today I am presenting a You Tube video I have produced that is a composition of three different recordings all of which claim to be of Igor Bezler. In the first [1] he is reporting that they have just shot down a plane 25 minutes after flight MH 17 goes missing. It is from The 2nd [2] is from an earlier intercept on 17 April 2014 of someone identified as Igor Bezler plotting kidnap and murder and uploaded to YouTube by the SBU on 24 April 2014. It is from The 3rd [3] is from a video presentation by Igor Bezler on 12 June 2014. It is a studio recording and of higher quality than the intercepts. It is from You will hear nothing in this video but those three segments. The order is [1] [2] [1] [3] [1]. Are they they same voice? Is the person claiming credit for killing 298 people on 17th July, the same one who is speaking here on 17 April and 12 June? Is Igor Bezler guilty of the murder of 298 people? You listen and you decide.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Who was Igor Bezler before he shot down #MH17?

Twenty-five minutes after MH 17 disappears from radar:
                "We have just shot down a plane."
                                                                          --Igor Bezler
Igor Bezler
Everyone wants to know who was behind the downing of Malaysia Air MH 17 and the murder of 298 civilians completely uninvolved with the conflict over which they died in Eastern Ukraine. The most damning evidence to come out so far in that regard has to be the recording which Ukrainian officials have released in which they say Igor Bezler takes credit for downing the plane in a conversation with a Russian military intelligence officer named Vasili Geranin.

From the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) supplied English translation at 14:40 GMT, about 25 minutes after the plane went missing we have this:
Igor Bezler: We have just shot down a plane. That was "miner's group. It fell down beyond Yenakievo (Donetsk Oblast).

Vasili Geranin: Pilots. Where are the pilots?

IB: Gone to search for and photograph the plane. Its smoking.

VG: How many minutes ago?

IB: About 30 minutes ago.
SBU also released this conversation between 'Major' and 'Grek' which took place 15:33 gmt as it becomes clear that what they thought was a Ukrainian Air Force IL-76 Transport was really a civilian airliner:
"Greek": Well, what do you have there?

"Major": In short, it was 100 percent a passenger (civilian) aircraft.

"Greek": Are many people there?

"Major": Holy sh-t! The debris fell right into the yards (of homes).

"Greek": What kind of aircraft?

"Major": I haven't ascertained this. I haven't been to the main sight. I am only surveying the scene where the first bodies fell. There are the remains of internal brackets, seats and bodies.

"Greek": Is there anything left of the weapon?

"Major": Absolutely nothing. Civilian items, medicinal stuff, towels, toilet paper.

"Greek": Are there documents?

"Major": Yes, of one Indonesian student. From a university in Thompson.

According to Total War, Igor Bezler is a Russian GRU agent and according to Reuters he is one of the leaders of self-proclaimed militia of Horlivka. He was born in Simferopol in Crimea in 1965. He served in the Airborne Troops of the Soviet Army in their war in Afghanistan and was awarded the Order of the Red Star. Until 2002 he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian intelligence agency GRU. A few years ago he retired and settled in the Gorlovka region of Donetsk. He became active earlier in February 2014 as a leader in the Self Defense forces that took over Crimea. Then he aided the People's Republic of Donestsk and has been prominently involved in the separatist movement.

If this recording is authentic it is very strong evidence that pro-Russian forces are behind the tragedy of MH 17. There are a number of reasons for believing this is the real thing. For one thing, this video claims to be recordings of conversations that took place within hours of MH 17 going missing and it was posted to YouTube the same day. That doesn't leave a lot of time for fabricating these recordings, unless one is going to make the argument that the fabricators of the tapes and downers of the aircraft were involved in a massive plot in which all such details where worked out in advanced.

For another, we have the 24 April 2014 posting below from the same source, Служба безпеки України of a 17 April 2014 conversation between Igor Bezler and someone called "Alph" about the murder of Gorovskoy Deputy City Council member Volodymyr Rybak. Rybak was kidnapped in Horlivka on 16 April 2014. His tortured body turned up in the Seversky-Donets river on 22 April 2014.

This is the description and translation given by Paul Roderick Greogory in the Kyiv Post:
On April 17, Russian special ops officer, Igor Bezler (code name “Bes”) telephones Russian operative “Alph”. The first conversation (available on You Tube) proceeds as follows:

Bezler (Bes): "Alph," listen carefully, go into the City Hall, Rybak is there raising a ruckus. People are trying to cool him down. Take him out and torture him (otpressyuete, prison slang). Get him in the car and take him some place far away. Then let me know where to go. Do you understand? Stay connected! Muzhiki (guys), wrap him up and get him in the car. Tie him up - his arms, his eyes- so that he can’t see anything.

Notable in this conversation is that Bes wants to know where Rybak is being taken so he can deal with him himself. This would put Bes at the torture/murder site.

The second conversation follows shortly thereafter. Apparently Bezler asks whether any special ops people have been caught on the videotape:

Alph: "Bes," we watched the video, you can't see anything there: you can only see that he is trying to remove the flag from the city hall, and he is getting beaten up.

Bes: OK, got it

Alph: So none of our people can be seen there. Everything is "normalno" (OK)

Bes: Good
I can't tell you whether Russian or Ukrainian is being spoken in these recordings so I'm in no position to authenticate them or compare the voices between the 17 April recording and the 17 July recording, but I'm sure native speakers can. Paul Greogory gives us his opinion on the earlier recording:
I do not believe that an English translation and interpretation of intercepted phone calls among Russian operatives organizing the kidnapping, torture, murder, and body disposal of a pro-Ukrainian political activist in eastern Ukraine have been widely circulated. Western readers will react with disgust that such brutal crimes are taking place without consequences in a major European country.

I am convinced the calls are authentic, despite Russian denials. We know the parties to the conversation except for one unidentified operative (“Alph”). The conversations are carried out in the crude language of criminal and prison slang. The tape bleeps out an expression that contains the F-word.
Western readers should now certainly react with disgust when they realized that by turning a blind eye to such brutal crimes taking place in a major European country without consequences they have encouraged Putin's aggression to the point where it reached out and took these 298 souls, 80 of which belonged to children.

A few more points FYI:

1.) It's possible that the pro-Russian forces thought they were aiming at a Ukrainian IL-76 transport plane when they shot down the Boeing 777 Malaysia MH 17. Here are a few pictures for your consideration.
Air Malaysia 777

IK-76 Transport

2.) Recently the pro-Russian forces have really stepped up missile attacks on Ukrainian military aircraft. Since beginning of June, pro-Russian forces have shot down at least 10 Ukrainian aircraft including five Mi-24 Hinds, two Mi-8 helicopters, one An-2, one An-30, a Ukrainian transport plane and 2 Ukrainian Su-26 fighters. On 13 June pro-Russian fighters shot down a Ukrainian Air Force II-76 military transport killing 40 paratroopers and 9 crew members. In recent days they have stepped up surface-to-air missile attacks on Ukrainian military aircraft with a SN-26 and SU-25 jets shot down from Russian territory.

3.) Pro-Russian fighters have claimed they have nothing that could have downed a jet at 10km. but earlier reports say otherwise. They boasted of capturing Buk [SA-17] surface-to-air missiles from the Ukrainian military two weeks ago. Buk missile system is not a MANPADS. It can target aircraft at a range of 25 km and to an attitude of 15 km. An Associated Press journalist reported seeing a Buk type system in the separatist-held town of Snizhne.

Photo: RIA Novosti
Putin's thuggishness is visited upon the world. For those that have been paying close attention to events in Syria, and more recently Ukraine, the Russian Mafia methods of Putin have been obvious for some time. It was only a matter of time before they reached out and touched people of all nationalities. The responsibility for these 298 murders lies directly with Igor Bezler, who should be tried and jailed for these crimes, and through him, with Vladimir Putin, who should be treated like Al Capone.
People gather next to a sign for AIDS 2014 in Melbourne on July 18, 2014. Since more than a hundred AIDS researchers on their way to this  20th International AIDS Conference were killed aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, it is likely that this attack will cause many more deaths because of the contributions those scientists won't be making. AFP PHOTO

Heroes of New Russia: the Natioanl Militia Commander Igor Bezler | 26 May 2014

Apparently this Polit Russia site cranks out these flashy propaganda videos about individual commanders by the dozen. Can somebody please translate this? Its about the guy who's taken credit for shooting down MH 17.

"Provocation failed" and "Secret Boeing Crash: Versions & Guesswork" 
from, translation thanks to Ralph Apel

This is how Google translated this page of the site:
Kiev junta desperate tenacity with stamps of the resistance in the South-East outright lies and myths writes.

One of the most famous myths - about the commander self Gorlovka (DNI) Igor Bezler.

From the first days of confrontation in the Donbass Ukrainian media say about him except as a current lieutenant colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation with the callsign "Demon." However, the facts tell a much different story.

According to the available fragmentary information Igor Bezler served in airborne troops of the Soviet Army. Participated in the war in Afghanistan, was awarded the Order of the Red Star. A few years ago he retired and settled in Gorlovka Donetsk region. There he went into business, it is far from my previous occupation, namely the provision of funeral services. Parallel - helped by fellow former "winged infantry", leading the local organization of veteran paratroopers.

Life retired lieutenant colonel changed the Nazi coup in Kiev. When after the Junta ultra rushed to rehabilitate Nazism and to prohibit Russian language Bezler joined protests in the Southeast. And when to subdue the rebellious region moved "National Guard", "Right sector" and bandits "Dnepr", "Donbass" and "Azov", a former military remembered the fact, to which he devoted most of his life. And headed Gorlovskaya self-defense.

Ukrainian authorities have been discouraged by how quickly lost Gorlovka, and to justify its unpopularity and incompetence - created the myth of Superman, nicknamed "Demon" - Lieutenant Colonel of the GRU, the Ukrainian government overthrows. In fact, it did the usual retiree with the support of local civilians and switched to his side police - was ashamed to admit.

But most of all Bezler popularity increased after he managed to grab a captive of three officers of the elite Special Forces of Ukraine "Alpha", abandoned in Gorlovka to capture the leader of self-defense and other local activists. It is on these commandos guide Donetsk People's Republic then exchanged been stolen and tortured in Kiev "people's governor" Donbass - Paul Gubaryov.

As after an operation conducted Bezler said activist Yevgeny Gorbik Samoobrony DNR:

"SBU Special group arrived to capture Bezler - man holding ATC Gorlovki. Bezler himself seized those who hunt for him, and brought them here, and so will be all."

Today in the Ukrainian press, referring to Western news sources spread information that is exactly Bezler Ukrainian infantry destroyed the outpost under Volnovaha. But the information appears at least doubtful, as it told the unknown man in camouflage and mask-balaclava, who introduced "Beso".

Himself a man of legend Igor Bezler to popularity is not seeking an interview does not, does not and blogs to post in power does not appoint himself.

It seems that is what he truly seeks - it is a peaceful and quiet life after fascism withdraws from land Novorossia.

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Russian lies on #MH17 are so easy to bust!

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Today's example of Assad's support for Islamic State

From the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights today we have this report 13 hours ago:
SOHR has been informed that Dawud Brigade swore allegiance to the İslamic State and conveied the fighters and ammunition from the town of Sarmin in the countryside of Idleb province to IS- held areas in the province of Al Raqqa, where a military convoy of more than 50 vehicles were seen carrying fighters from Dawud Brigade and passing near the city of Saraqeb. The convoy was going towards the provice of Al Raqqa through the road located between the two towns of Athrayya and Khanaser which is held by the regime foces which were able to target the convoy and prevent it to cross the area but they did not do so.

Reliabel sources assured to SOHR that the fighters of the Dawud Islamic Brigade will fight with the Islamic State against Al Nusra Front and the islamic battalions in Ekhtrin area and its villages. The same sources assured that some vehicles of Brigade have reached to the IS-held city of Al Bab in order to fight with IS against the rebel battalions and YPG fighters to take control over some Kurdish villages subsequently advance to the city of Ayn Al Arab in the northeast of the countryside of Aleppo.

This comes in conjunction with the arrival of military reinfocements from the rebel and Islamic battalions to the vicinity of the industrial city and the village of Al Sheik Najjar, while military reinforcements from the Special Forces of the Republican Guard and from Hezbollah fighters arrived to Aleppo, where the regime forces have tried to besiege the city and take control over Handarat camp in order to cut the supply lines from the rebel and islamic battalions in the northern and eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

İt is worthy mentioning that only IS is able to cut the regime’s supply lines, from the military airport of Al Nayrab to the industrial city and the northern- eastern entrance of Aleppo city because IS fighters are centering in the two villages of Shamer and Marran located on the northern- eastern entrance of Aleppo which lead to make the regime’s supply lines under IS crossfire.
I have added the bold to highlight the point I'm making with this story.

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