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Bashar al-Assad threatened Syrian holocaust three years ago

On Wednesday DesertFire responded to the question I raised in Monday's post, Is Assad creating the first holocaust of the 21st century? in a tweet:
The English section of the tweet reads:
May 7, 2012
(05/06/2012) Only hours ago a serious meeting ended in the Republican Palace.

Present at the meeting were Bashar al-Assad, Asef Shawkat, Ali Mamlouk and Buthaina Shaaban on the one hand, and on the other, seven city fathers of Damascus including Ghassan Qal'aat (Surname correct?) of the Douma Chamber of Commerce including Adnan [middle name?] Alnn of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce.

At the meeting, Assad and Asef Shawkat threatened that if the capital becomes surrounded by the rebel army, and the dealers and the people of Damascus line up with the rebels, they will, without further notice, burn and reduce Damascus to ruins as though it were in prehistoric times, and added that they had also heard Adnan Alnn's impudent words that he lacked control over the dealers of Damascus and gave Ghassan Qal'aat message to Hamidiya market traders that they must stop supporting the rebels or this market will be reduced to an archaeological site. At the end of the meeting Ali Mamlouk said they would burn Damascus and sit up in the palace and enjoy the fire.

According to the news, the city fathers of Damascus came out of the meeting stressed.
I'll bet they were stressed.

Assad called this meeting of city leaders as the "Stop the Killing" non-violent protest movement against the government shooting of pro-democracy demonstrators had emerged in the capital, Damascus. According the New York Times "Many of its organizers have been arrested." See, for example GlobalVoices: Activist Rima Dali Arrested in Damascus for Calling for End to Killing, 9 April 2012.

Banner Rima Dali held in front of Syrian Parliament before she was arrested, read
“Stop the killing. We want to build a country for all Syrians.” | 8 Apr 2012

"Stop the Killing" protest near engineering faculty | Damascus-al-Baramkah | 22 Apr 2012

A representative of the Douma Chamber of Commerce was at this meeting and in the past few weeks Assad has subjected Douma to almost continuous shelling and bombing. He is now making good on the threats he made three years ago.

The day after Assad made his apocalyptic promises, he gave an English language interview with Dr. Juergen Todenhoefer on German TV [video][transcript], 7 May 2012. Assad denied his government was killing protesters. He told Todenhoefer that most of the dead were government supporters, killed by terrorists:
Those victims, you are talking about, the majority of them, are government supporters. So, how can you be the criminal and the victim at the same time? The majority are people who support the government and large part of the others are innocent people who have been killed by different groups in Syria.
Then he told Todenhoefer who this opposition is:
They are a mixture, an amalgam of Al Kaida. Other extremists, not necessarily Al Kaida and outlaws who escaped the police for years, mainly smuggling drugs from Europe to the Gulf area and others who were sentenced in different sentences. So it’s a mixture of different things.
ISIS Headquarters in Raqqa wasn't bombed by Assad

No doubt, he was thinking of the jihadists and criminals he had let out of prison after the protests started. Some of the terrorists he freed then would go on to form the Islamic State. Some ISIS "emirs" have been identified as Syrian security officers. He then went on to say that the Houla massacre, and the other crimes his army has been accused of, have been "false flag" operations:

They committed a crime, they published videos, faked videos and they wear solder uniforms, our army uniforms in order to say “that was the army”.
According to Assad this was the strategy of the rebels "[f]rom the very beginning". Assad knows all about "false flag" operations. Witnesses have come forward to testify that most, if not all, of the "terrorist" attacks that took place in this period in Damascus were staged by the security forces and ex-state news people have told how they would receive advanced notice so that they could be well positioned to cover the attacks.

Assad ended this interview by promising reforms, but then said:
Stand with "Stop the Killing"
[Y]ou have to fight terrorism. There is no question about fighting terrorists. Nowhere in the world. But what you do is somebody kills civilians, kills innocent people, kills children and kills your soldiers and the police and anyone. You have to fight with him if he is not ready for a dialogue. And that’s what we’ve been seeing so far.
He was saying this years before terrorism was a real problem in Syria, but he needed terrorists to justify his war against civilians so now terrorism in Syria is the reality he consciously helped it become.

Three years ago, when Assad threatened this Apocalypse, ten thousand civilians had been killed since he started shooting protesters 14 months before that. Now a quarter-million Syrians are dead and 9 million are homeless.

The motto of the Assad Regime in this fight has always been "Assad or we burn the country."

The city Assad threatened with destruction is one of the oldest inhabited cities on Earth. Assad is already using poison gas, torturing children in front of their parents and burning people alive.

In this meeting more than three years ago, Bashar al-Assad said what his end game would be if he faced defeat and recently he has been losing badly. According to IHS Jane, Assad has lost control of 83% of Syria.

But he can still bomb 100% of it because no one challenges his air supremacy, certainly not US war planes that have joined him in killing civilians and bombing his enemies.

We know his intention. The question this poses for the rest of of is:

Will we once again stand idly by while Assad creates the first holocaust of the 21th Century?

SAA burning citizen's house, saying 'Assad or we will burn the country | 1 Sept 2012

This short two minute video speaks more eloquently than a thousand UN reports about what is happening in Syria. Here we see Assad's Syrian Arab Army burning a family out of their home because they refuse to support his fascist regime. This family is not collateral damage in anybody's war. This family is the target of an attack by the Assad regime. If they fight back, we can call it a war, but from the beginning, the Assad regime has been making war against civilians. They are the targets of Assad's attacks. The Free Syrian Army was formed from SAA soldiers sent to shoot protesters that instead defected and became their protectors. The Islamic State was formed from the jihadists and criminals Assad let out of prison when the revolution started. The thousands of Syria refugees drowning in the Med or suffocating in the back of truck in Austria are victims of this war on civilians. The media calls them all migrants but if they come from Syria, they are refugees not migrants, and that's where the largest number are coming from. A quarter million dead are already victims of Assad's war on civilians.

For four years now, the world has stood by and allowed Assad to carry out his war on civilians. Now, as the curtain is falling upon his hour on the stage, the question remains:

Will the world standby and allow him to apply his final solution?

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Is Assad creating the first holocaust of the 21st century?

Perhaps you have already noticed that the Assad regime has suffered serious set backs on the ground recently and has become more desperate in its fight to save itself. There can be no doubt at it has seen a serious reversal of fortunes since the heady days of Hezbollah's conquest of Qusayr and the "On to Aleppo" campaign. Even with all the international help he is receiving, it is becoming increasingly clear that Bashar al-Assad is going down.

However, he still has one thing going for him. He still has air supremacy, now with US connivance. With his air force he is still free to bomb any area of Syria he wants to and it has become clear that he targets civilians and especially children. Now, as the regime starts to question its own survival and become more desperate, that unopposed campaign of "Death from Above" is being greatly intensified.

Remember that the regime slogan throughout this struggle has always been:

Bashar al-Assad or we burn the country

ASSAD or we burn the country , and they are doing

It is this policy that has already caused a quarter-million Syrian deaths while reducing the population of Syria by 5 million. Now he is engaged in an all out campaign of slaughter. He knows he has nothing to lose. He has already killed so many. If he is allowed to continue, we could all be witnessing the first holocaust of the 21th century. The question this poses for the world as a whole, and each of us as individuals is:

What are we going to do about it? Stand by and let it happen or stop it? 

This is a survey of today's bomb damage, and we'll start with yesterday's new attack on Douma:
Syrians opposition says 34 killed by regime rockets, shelling in Douma

24 Aug 2015
A Syrian opposition activist group said at least 34 people were killed Sunday as a new wave of Assad regime attacks on the western city of Douma killed at least 34 people, CNN reported on August 23rd.

Government forces shelled and launched rockets on the city in the countryside outside Damascus, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The group said the death toll is expected to rise, as many of those injured are in critical condition and there are people missing -- possibly buried under rubble.

Sunday’s violence marks another bloody day in Syria’s 4-year-old civil war. More...

The Syrian regime says, 'Al Assad or we'll burn the country down'

UPDATE: According to this new IHS Jane's report, the Assad regime no longer controls 83% of the country.

However, he can still bomb 100% of it. When will this end?

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