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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Human relief means stopping the bombs from falling

There was talk during Geneva II about possibly a "breakthrough" on "humanitarian relief" for besieged Homs. Some refugees might be allowed out, provided they were passed by the regime fire wall. It never happened. Now there is talk about it again; some refugees might be allowed out and some food might be allowed in. Never mind, this is just the sort of thing torturers do. It isn't effective to just let your victims die, so occasional, controlled, relief is necessary to continue the siege.

You see, Assad's real purpose in withholding food is not to starve them to death, its to starve them into submission, and this is taking a little longer than he expected. As we may conclude from the newly released pictures of the corpses of his prisoners, many would sooner starve to death than submit to his rule. So a little UN relief works for him; plus it burnishes his reputation as a "reasonable man." But nevermind all that. The International "community" is all abuzz and the media is again running this "top story" about a possible breakthrough in "humanitarian relief."

Meanwhile, Assad's bombs keep raining down on the people, as they did before, during, and after the bogus "peace conference" and in the final analysis, none can escape the fact that if humanitarian relief means anything at all, it means stopping the bombs from falling. Anything less is "feel good" for our benefit.

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