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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Was Wikileaks dump a diversion from Trump Super Predator revelations?

I actually wrote the post below several days ago but I didn't publish it because the point it makes, that the first WikiLeaks release of Podesta-Clinton emails on Friday was about an hour after the Trump grope tape was published, was inconclusive. Although that timing can be used to support the claim that WikiLeaks released these emails as a Trump counter measure, it is also possible that it was indeed coincidental, given the rapid pace of developments in this campaign and Wikileak's earlier promise to make new Clinton email releases ahead of the second debate.

But I just heard Donald Trump make the argument at a rally today that turns this timing on its head. He is now claiming that the exposures of Trump as a sexual predator were started in response to the email dump. The timing I document below puts the lie to that.

There's an old cop saying: Never believe in coincidence. For example, it is almost certainly no accident that this tape got leaked days before the second debate. A little after 20:00 UTC on Friday 7 October 2016, the Washington Post released a lewd Trump tape that threatens to rock the Republican campaign to its core.

Less than an hour later, tt 20:32 UTC Wikileaks released the first 2050 of well over 50000 emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta

This tweet was followed it quick succession by 20 others detailing revelations about the Clinton campaign from the released emails. Obviously this release had to have been planned well in advance. There is no question that it was a lucky break for the Trump campaign that this story broke just when they badly need a distraction from the lewd tape story.

Was it just fortuitous?

RT was first to report, just 13 minutes later:
Wikileaks releases over 2,000 emails from Clinton campaign chair

Published time: 7 Oct, 2016 20:45
The internet whistleblowing group Wikileaks released over 2,000 emails involving Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The release comes the same day the State Department published 350 emails previously deleted from Clinton's private server.

At first inspection the emails date as far back as 2008 to 2016 and cover the gamut from the mundane like "Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle Order” to “Call with HRC” to “My position on the Iran deal” sent from Nancy Rotering to John Podesta. More...
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