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Monday, January 27, 2014

How Assad runs terrorist on "both sides" in Syria

Since one of the most frequently heard cries of those seeking absolution for their failure to respond to the slaughter of 130,000 Syrians by their government is "Both sides have committed war crimes", "Both sides are equally guilty of committing atrocities", it should be remembered that even in what might be called the Great Holocaust, Hitler had his Jewish agents among the opposition to muddy the waters and sow confusion as to what was really going on. As Wikipedia reminds us:
Żagiew ("The Torch"), also known as Żydowska Gwardia Wolności (the "Jewish Freedom Guard"), was a Nazi-collaborationist Jewish agent provocateur group in the Nazi German-occupied Poland, founded and sponsored by the Germans and led by Abraham Gancwajch.[1] Many Żagiew members were related to the collaborationist Jewish organization Group 13, which was also led by Gancwajch. The Nazis had over a thousand Jewish secret agents in Poland[2] and some were permitted by their Gestapo handlers to possess and bear firearms.

The organization operated primarily within the Warsaw Ghetto. Its primary goal was to infiltrate the Jewish resistance network and reveal its connections with the Polish underground aiding and hiding Jews in the General Government. The organization was able to inflict considerable damage on both fronts.[3] Żagiew agents were also instrumental in organizing the Hotel Polski affair in Warsaw, a German scheme to lure the richer Jews under false promises of evacuation to South America into a trap and then steal their money and valuables before killing them.
Now many who wish to bury their own responsibility for looking the other way, along with Syria's children, point to the hideous atrocities of the jihadist terrorist ISIS, which they lump in with all the opposition groups as "the rebels" to support their conclusion that "both sides are equally bad." This method of washing their hands of the blood of so many children is beginning to break down as the evidence mounts that the ISIS is a creation of the Assad Regime, much as Żagiew was a product of Nazis bent on the destruction of the Jews. Now comes this report from al Monitor that lends more weight to that conclusion, and takes it one step further, indicating that the Assad Regime has direct command authority in the ISIS, or at least, important sections of it, and its atrocities are less about some Islamic fanaticism, and more about slaughtering and terrorism the Syrian people from within while warding off any support from those outside:
SOC member Michel Kilo claims evidence of Assad links to ISIS

by Andrew Parasiliti
23 January 2014
MONTREUX, Switzerland — Michel Kilo, a member of the Syrian National Coalition delegation participating in the Geneva II talks, said that the opposition is preparing its own case implicating the Syrian government in collaboration with terrorist groups including the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

“There are photos that have been found of several emirs of ISIS with [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad,” said Kilo, who spoke with Al-Monitor on the sidelines of the Geneva II talks.

“The pictures were taken before they became emirs in ISIS, when they were all officers in the Syrian special service. There are documents sent by the special service to ISIS telling them to capture or kidnap people in Raqqa and Jarabalus, and these documents will be published. And you will see how the regime fabricated these extremist groups that did not exist in our country at the beginning of the revolution.

“Without a doubt, we will use this as an argument during the negotiations,” Kilo warned. “We have officers who have defected from the [Syrian] special service who worked to create these terrorist organizations; people who used to work with al-Qaeda. They know the names and the dates and what they have done along with the directions they were given. All this is documented. The chief of the cabinet of [special security adviser to Assad] Mr. Ali Mamlouk defected one year ago, and he has documented this. If [Syrian Foreign Minister] Walid Moallem will talk about terrorism, he will receive a true lecture about terrorists. And you shall see.” More...
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