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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Occupy Los Angeles Diaries

Here are my posts on Occupy Los Angeles:
05/26/2012DHS files on Occupy Los Angeles released
02/08/2012Anonymous speaks out on Black Bloc
01/30/2012What Really Happened at Occupy Oakland on Jan. 28
12/13/20115 of 5 essays: How Occupy LA got itself evicted
12/10/20114 of 5 essays on the eviction: The Demonization of Mario
12/10/20113 of 5 essays: What's the real reason Villaraigosa kicked us out?
12/10/20112 of 5 essays: Was DHS behind the eviction of Occupy LA?
12/10/20111 of 5 essays on the eviction: Did 1st Amendment protect OLA encampment @ City Hall Park?
11/30/2011OccupyLA - Day 60: The Eviction
11/25/2011Help Stop the Eviction of Occupy Los Angeles on Monday!
11/18/2011Arrests & Renewal Occupy LA Day 48
10/27/2011Trouble at the Hard Block Cafe - Day 26 @ #OccupyLA
10/16/2011Ten Thousand March with Occupy LA
10/12/2011Los Angeles City Council votes support for Occupy LA
10/09/2011Occupy LA - Day 8
10/08/2011Occupy LA - Day 7
10/07/2011Occupy LA Day 6
10/06/2011UPDATED: RIP Steve Jobs Occupy LA - Day 5
10/05/2011Occupy LA Day 4
10/04/2011Occupy LA Day 3
10/03/2011Occupy LA Day 2
10/01/2011UPDATED w' Pixs & Video: The Arab Spring Comes to Los Angeles! #OccupyLA
09/30/2011UPDATED: Occupy Los Angeles Starts Tomorrow!
09/28/2011Occupy Los Angeles on October 1st

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