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Saturday, April 2, 2011

History doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes

Anti-war writings from Linux Beach

Why the US didn't find WMD in Iraq UN: NATO killed 60 civilians in Libya
Haditha shows USMC is a criminal enterprise Itzcoatl Ocampo: Ex-Marine  Serial Killer
Sordid Truth about United States Marine Corps Arming Gaddfi
Louis Proyect reviews VAH Are U.S. Forces Executing Afghan Kids?
Obama on Vietnam How Many Kids Did the US Kill?
Hearing Cpl. Ryan this Memorial Day [video] What Is A Holocaust?
Was McCain an "Unlawful Combatant"? How War Started 6 Year Ago Today
Premiere of Vietnam: American Holocaust Just Another Day In Iraq
Bush Iraq Speech Illustrated On the Liberation of Viet Nam by a Vet
General Odom Debunks "The Surge" Sadr City: No Country For Old Men
Maliki Should Worry Why Wait For Petraeus?
BushNam UStroops posed with Afghan body parts

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