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Monday, October 9, 2017

From Santa Monica to Syria: It's a small world after all

The Santa Monica Committee for Racial Justice had another very successful meeting Sunday evening. Although the house was packed, it wasn't the massive turnout we had last month. The Santa Monica PD only sent four horsemen this time and the Alt-Right groupies were a complete no-show. Word on the street is that they are saying we are no longer considered a "soft target."

From my six years of blogging in support of the struggle against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, @Partisangirl is a familiar adversary. She is one of Assad's best known propagandists. I first mentioned her in August 2012, a year before the massive sarin attack on East Ghouta, in a post titled Fears grow of WMD attack in Syria, which featured this tweet:
In retrospect, that tweet can be seen as part of the long propaganda campaign designed to prepare the way for chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian regime that would eventually kill thousands.

DIY Division: Neo-Nazi Fighting Club
In the past year or so, much of my energy has been diverted away from Syria, as regular readers of my blog know. First, in an unsuccessful campaign to keep Donald Trump out of the White House by strategically focusing on what proved to be an indispensable element of his victory - the Jill Stein candidacy, and since, in fighting the results of that victory. Most recently, I have been focused on a local struggle in a way I really haven't done since the halcyon days of Occupy LA in the Fall of 2011. Readers of this blog also know this recent struggle broke out when a number of Southern California Alt-Right groups decide to target SMCRJ. We now have identified the Proud Boys, Goyim Boys, DIY Division, Hammerskin Nation, Rise Above and the bloggers Red Elephant and Baked Alaska as among the attackers.

My struggle against Baked Alaska has been up close and personal, as well as over the Internet:

Baked Alaska [Tim Gionet] harassing Committee for Racial Justice in Santa Monica | 6 August 2017
Baked Alaska [ Tim Gionet] marching with racists in Charlottesville, VA | 11 August 2017
So, imagine my surprise at seeing this in @Partisangirl's latest twitter feed:

Worlds Collide - Like the title says "Its a small world after all!"

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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