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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

@BootsRiley reboots, unblocks me to mock me but it backfires

After posting Blocked for talking Venezuelan trash to @BootsRiley, I continued to send out tweets calling on @BootRiley to address the core question of the welfare of the Venezuelan people:
[I had sent the tweet above out with the wrong picture for the caption before correcting it.]
Others also weigh in:

While some raised a demand that Boots Riley unblock me:
Meanwhile Riley continued talking trash about me while still blocking me. Talking about me behind my back, social media style:

Apparently, when I sent out this tweet:

He thought he had me in a gotcha, so he unblocked me to accuse me of "manufacturing consent":

Was he doing that kind of feverish research on every picture I posted of the Venezuelan famine, hoping to find one he could debunk? Even if I had made such a mistake, it would have been entirely besides the point. In addition to blogging and tweeting about revolutionary justice issues when I have the time, I also have a day job working in the Engine Room of the Internet, so my vetting may not always be the best, but in this case, it did past the test, as you shall see. If I thought it would trick him into unblocking me, I may have made such a "mistake" on purpose. Fortunately, I didn't have to. He was so happy to find a site [or cite] claiming it was a photo of any place but Venezuela, that he didn't look any further and see if that was really the earliest example to be found. He was willing to ignore the dozens of posting of this picture claiming it was taken in Venezuela, as well as the unlikeliness of finding Latino looking people in the Congo, in favor of a single Peruvian source claiming otherwise. That is how far he is willing to mash his mind to support Maduro.

@pplswar replied to @BootsRiley:

This prompted Boots Riley to unleash his "proof":

Some questioned the single DRC citing from a Peruvian source:

Then I responded in a series of tweets:

While others found even earlier sources that claimed it did indeed show Venezuelans foraging for food:

And so it goes in TwitterLand.
I oppose any military intervention in Venezuela and Trump's machinations, but neither do I support the Maduro regime, which is the primary problem the Venezuelan people face now. Libya, to name one example, has had to grapple with the same drop in oil prices. If US imperialism finds Venezuela "ripe" for intervention now, as say before 19 April 2013, it is because the corrupt Maduro regime has so improvised the people, and turned so many away from the Bolivarian Revolution, that his continued refusal to step down only strengthens the hands of the imperialists and the right. It is long past the time for him to go!

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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