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Saturday, September 22, 2018

UPDATED: Where were Brett Kavanaugh's loving parents when he was drinking illegally?

United States President Donald Trump recently attacked Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who is accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape 36 years ago, by asking why she didn't go to her "loving parents," and the police:
We know there are many reasons #whyididntreport, check the hashtag for thousands of details. There is another question the president, and all of us, should be asking, and it is almost certainly the most socially actionable one: Where were Brett Kavanaugh's loving parents when he was illegally drinking because he was underage?

There certainly has been enough testimony and evidence of parties at which underage drinking took place in the ruling class high school environment that Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh, and his accomplice, Mark Judge grew up in. No doubt, they, along with many mutual friends, attended numerous such parties.

So where were the loving parents that allowed this?

Trump knows that one big reason the 15 year old Christine would not have reported the sexual assault was that she would have had to admit to illegal drinking at an illegal party to do so.

Did the 17 year old Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge understand the leverage they would have in sexually assaulting young girls who had already been lured into the illegal activity of underage drinking? Did these maturing legal minds understand the advantage that compromise gave them? Did they understand that even if the sex was consensual, it would still be illegal? Or did they expect the alcohol to buy them some cheap immunity?

There is also the question of who provided the alcohol? Was it the younger girls, or the older boys? Or the parents? My money is on the older boys, although some parents may have turned a blind eye to "their young men" raiding the liquor cabinet for a house party, "At least they're drinking at home," might be their excuse. No matter.

What needs to be said is that the alcohol-fueled party culture that was allowed to fester at Georgetown Prep created an environment in which the type of attack alleged by Christine Blasey Ford was encouraged and protected. I have little doubt that she is speaking the truth about what Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge did to her at such a party 36 years ago. I have no doubt that her participation in such a party, at 15, played a big role in her going along with Brett and Mark in covering up the attack even as rumors swirled all around the schools.

None of us should doubt that the type of sexual violence that Dr. Ford alleges Kavanaugh subjected her to, has happened to a great many teenage girls, even especially at the best schools, where illegal drinking is an accepted part of a privileged upbringing, and the young men of the ruling class are invited to join in the corruption from a very early age by their Georgetown Preparation.

UPDATE 24 Sept. 2018:

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