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Sunday, August 12, 2018

3 Syrian homes bombed by Russia while Omarosa is all the news

Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that additional casualties have raised Friday's death toll from the Russian assault on Urem al-Kubra in Aleppo Governorate, Syria to at least 36, including 20 children and 7 women. They were massacred when Russian warplanes bombed three residential homes. They included a displaced man, his wife, and their 5 children. White Helmets have been working since sundown Friday to recover people from the rubble. They were able to save 11 civilians including 4 children. The Daily Telegraph reported on it with video.

The three consecutive Russia raids targeted civilian homes in the center of the town at 6.30 pm Friday afternoon. Elsewhere in Syria Friday, SOHR reported:
9 citizens including 1 child and 3 women were killed in Khan Shaykhun massacre, and 3 citizens including 2 children were killed in the aerial bombardment on al-Tah town, and the intense aerial bombardment in both areas caused more than 100 people to go missing and injured, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, and due to the presence of missing people under the ruins of destruction whose fate is not known yet, also the shelling caused destruction and serious damage to the infrastructure and property of citizens.
None of this is making US news reports. Even Democracy Now is keeping quiet about these Putin/Assad atrocities.

The very first Geneva Convention was signed by 16 European countries in 1864, and it recognize that attacking field medics and destroying field hospitals constituted a war crime. That principle has stood for more that 150 year before it was boldly violated by Bashar al-Assad on 26 July 2018 when he declare his intention on Russian state media to murder Syrian civil defense volunteers. The Putin/Assad camp already have a vicious propaganda campaign designed to discredit the life saving work the White Helmets are doing by branding them as terrorists.  They have been aided in this assault on humanity by many prominent members of the US white-Left.  While these propaganda lies have been debunked many times, as in this piece by Emma Grey Ellis, in Wired, 30 April 2017, Inside the Conspiracy Theory that turned Syria's First Responders into Terrorists, they just go on repeating them.

Since Assad's threat to commit a war crime had Putin's blessing, and Trump's acquiescence, it was clear to all that the White Helmets were in mortal danger. 98 White Helmet volunteers and 324 members of their families were evacuated from southern Syria, through the Golan Heights, to Jordan. Because they traveled through Israel to get to Jordan, the Assadists had a propaganda field day. After those stories made the rounds, most people were probably led to believe that that was it for the White Helmets; they were all washed up. And yet here they are; still saving lives while risking their's in Aleppo.

I can only marvel at the rank hypocrisy of the white-Left that loudly called out the US for what was almost certainly an accidental attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan in which 42 were killed, 3 October 2015, but then went quiet as Russian and Syrian forces attacked medical facilities more than 300 times since Russia began military operations in 2015. Not an Accident! Where is the protest, even now as Assad boldly proclaims his intention to contravene a 150 years limit to war's brutality, and murder medical rescue personnel? Veterans for Peace has its national convention coming up, 22-26 August. I'm willing to bet they will say nothing about this because 1) the US isn't doing it, & 2) some of their leaders like Putin and Assad.

Syria is still a killing field

Syria is still a killing field even while US media is consumed with such distractions as the latest White House tweet or what one reality TV star has to say about another reality TV star.
This live map show the widespread devastation currently underway in Syria. Click here for the interactive version.
Friday's murderous assault was just another day in the violent campaign by the Assad regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, to wipe out the very last pockets or resistance to its fascist dictatorship. This campaign has been greatly stepped up since Donald Trump had his secret summit with Vladimir Putin. We know that Syria was discussed, we just don't know what was said, or what Trump may have agreed to.

The Kremlin has talked about expanded military cooperation in Syria after the summit. Russia’s ambassador to the US spoke of “specific and interesting proposals” on how the two countries could cooperate in Syria. While US officials have had nothing to say about any new Trump-Putin agreement on Syria, the Mercury News reported:
Russian officials, however, have spoken more expansively than their U.S. counterparts about the substance of the two leaders’ conversation. The Russian ambassador to Washington on Wednesday said one idea under discussion was a joint U.S.-Russian counterterrorism campaign in Syria, saying that Trump “listened . . . with interest.”

Officials said that Putin and Trump also discussed an earlier Israeli-Russian agreement to keep Iranian-backed forces away from Syria’s southern border with Israel. It’s not clear what future involvement if any the United States could have in such an arrangement.
Those who understand the basic political unity that binds Trump to Putin and Assad will also understand why all three are heroes to the white supremacists protesting in Washington, DC, today on the first anniversary of Charlottesville. The "grand bargain" Trump and Putin are likely to arrive at for Syria will probably involve completely restoring the Assad dictatorship in Syria, with Russian military occupation as the guarantor, and the forced repatriation of Syrian refugees, even though many will likely face imprisonment, torture and execution for their bid for freedom. Actually, they have probably already made this deal, maybe even before Helsinki.

Syrians won't stop dying even after the uprising is put down.....................for now!

This video shows what the people of Urem al-Kubra were already dealing with before Russia bombed them:

The residents of Urem al-Kubra criticising the infighting factions

Northern Syria Observer
Published on Mar 10, 2018

Residents of Urem al-Kubra, dominated by HTS, showing their outrage about the infighting between the factions after the death of the muezzin, Mohammad Hasib by their bullets, whishing the factions to go out of their residential areas and going with their clashes away from the civilians

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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