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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kill Fallouja: I need someone to chair the next Lula meeting

Fallouja: My Letter Of Resignation

Users Los Angeles

[Lula] eight years ago when Linux was a baby and needed all the
friends it could get. I saw in Linux and it's “free as in
'beer', and free as in 'speech' philosophy a tool with vast potential
for the liberation of humanity.

have been the president of LULA for all of those years and have
helped it grow and strive. My one regret is that more and more it has
become an insular collection of geeks that can get along just fine
without me.

need someone to chair the next Lula meeting. I have made requests to
a number of leading members but so far no one has said they can do

won’t be there because I will be showing my new video
A Tragedy Of Errors - News Clips From The Iraq War'

to the
Answer Coalition
I personally feel this is more important because most likely while
the two groups are having their simultaneous meetings the United
States of America will be committing mass murder in Fallouja.

U.S. Marines are doing it now
And Linux is their
Linux was embedded with the troops before the media ever knew what
the word meant. There is no cease-fire. We keep helicopters, drones
and aircraft over Fallouja 24/7. U.S. Marine snipers shoot anything
that moves. Hospitals are bombed, ambulances are shot up. Children
are shot in the back. Men who try to leave Fallouja are turned back

American Style

the cease-fire allows the Marines to carry out defensive operations
within the city, which they define as, among other things, allowing
fire on insurgents who display weapons, break the curfew or move
their forces toward U.S. troops.”
Times, 4/17/04 p. A6

these are the “cease-fire” rules of engagement. Let’s
even allow that as we are bringing them democracy, all Iraqi’s
lose any right to bear arms on pain summary execution. And it’s
a given that even though we don’t yet control Fallouja, we
intend to enforce a curfew by shooting on sight. But please tell me
Mr. United States Marine how can you tell whether it’s an
unarmed insurgent or an innocent civilian that is breaking the
curfew? And since you have the city completely encircled, how can the
citizens of Fallouja move at all without moving towards U.S. troops?
I guess they can hop up and down and call it 'Freedom'.

the paper. Read between the lines.

experts – there are several here with the Marines – say
there may not have been such a “target-rich” battlefield
since the World War II battle for Stalingrad.” LA Times again.
So if from behind the riflescope Fallouja looks like Stalingrad while
the Nazi’s lay siege to it, who does that make the U.S. Marine
look like that uses the sniper rifle?

year old Marine says of Fallouja “It’s a sniper’s
dream” LA. Times again.

just despicable!

US Marines have undertaken to subdue Fallujah, west of Baghdad,
apparently without regard for civilian casualties.”

American style just means they aren’t using the artillery; they
aren’t dropping

, an
Internet entrepreneur from Culver City, CA and member of the Iraqi
Governing Council has been in Fallouja all week trying to negotiate a
peace. [I wonder if he ever came to a Lula meeting.] He’s
afraid the Americans are just letting him hold the meetings so they
can say they tried everything before the slaughter.
Times, 4/15/04, A9
His fears are justified.

truth is that Bush and his Crew were as wrong about the Iraqi people
Greeting Us as Liberators as they were about Weapons of Mass
Destruction. But that doesn’t mean we can just pick up and
leave from where we aren’t wanted.

no WMD and there’s no more Saddam Hussein but the whole of Iraq
is in revolt against the occupation. Don’t believe the story
that it is only 6,000 or so of Sadr's Mahdi Army and “a couple
thousand” “terrorist” “foreign fighters”
and “Baathist Loyalist” in Fallouja that somehow have our
well armed force of over 130,000 so over extended that leaves are
cancelled. Don’t believe the lies! See what the new game plan

they Don’t Want Us To Liberate them, We Can Rule Through Terror

if we can’t get their telephone system back up and running a
year after we bombed it into oblivion, we can rule Iraq through fear
and terror. So to get the situation under control before the U.S.
presidential elections somebody has to be made an example of. And
that somebody is Fallouja, a city of 300,000 people.

CentCom media blitz about the four contractors killed in Fallouja is
just the cover story to prepare the American public to accept the
mass murder they have decided is necessary. They say they just want
the terrorist who killed and mutilated the bodies of the four armed
civilian contractors, i.e. mercenary soldiers. This is a damn lie.

Iraqi's who killed and those that mutilated are two separate groups.
The four mercenaries were killed by resistance fighters and left on
the field. Others mutilated the bodies. Not that anything can justify
such behavior, but it could be more easily understood had the press
reported on the massacre of 15 Iraqis by the new sheriff in town, the
U.S. Marines, on that very same street the week before.

Marines say they just want a handful of 'bad guys' and for this so
far they have killed over
people including at least 46 children under 5
But wait. The real slaughter has not yet begun.

the 'cease-fire' still holds but we Americans are an impatient lot.
The Marines warn that this situation can't go on much longer. Soon
negotiations will break down and the Marines will be 'forced' to go
in, guns a blazing. And they will do it with your tax dollars and
your technology and your acquiescence. You will meet and discuss
up a compile cluster with distcc”

at 7:00PM Tuesday. It will be morning in Fallouja. They’ll be
picking up their dead again.

lot of people have been making comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam
as of late. According to Robert F. McNamara, who as Secretary of
Defense from 1960 to 1967 was in a good position to know,
people died in the Vietnam War
So this is the question the comparison poses for me:

many this time? How many this time?

once had high hopes for Linux. I felt sure it could make a real
contribution to the success of humanity, now more and more I have my
doubts. I have a real and growing fear that if the Mr. Smith’s
of Linux have their way, in the future they will look back and say
“Wasn’t it nice that so many smart people worked to hard
for free to forge their own chains.”

feel that Lula no longer reflects the vision I have had for it and
has in fact belittled itself as an organization for change and
progress. I cannot attend Tuesday night's meeting, in fact I would be
a shamed to in view of what our country is doing in Iraq. Therefore I
am resigning as the president of Linux Users Los Angeles effective
7:00PM April 20, 2004.

and the Mailing List

You have rights. But you have responsibilities too. And you have no
right to sit on your ass while your country commits atrocities.

we remember the Holocaust. The real shame of the Germans was that
they allowed a bad leader to hijack the very considerable resources
of their country to do some really horrible things while they when on
with user group meetings and such as usual.


19, 2004

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