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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Was #KeithScott murdered by a white cop for being armed while black?

With the partial release of some police videos and other new facts in police shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, NC, troubling new questions have emerged as to why this black man is no longer with us. I have written about the denial of 2nd Amendment rights to black Americans in Murders of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile: No 2nd Amendment rights for blacks, and as the facts are emerging around the tragic death of Keith Scott they strongly support the conclusion that he was murdered by cops for having the audacity to arm himself while being black.

We now know, according to the official police statement, that the two plain clothes cops were on a stakeout for another case when the unfortunate Keith Scott pulled up next to them in the parking lot of his apartment building to await his son's return from school. They say they observed Scott rolling a blunt and also saw that he had a gun. They then left and suited up with body armor and other equipment, but not body cameras, and abandoned their original mission without first contacting their supervisor, to come back and confront the armed black man in the SUV. Of the body cam footage from another cop that was released, the audio in the first 30 seconds is missing.

White cop in red
The official police story is that the black cop, Brentley Vinson, was the shooter, but several eyewitnesses have said that is a police lie, and the shooter was the white cop in red. See video below and hear their testimony for yourself.

What were their intentions, to make an arrest or a killing? On all the videos the cops can be heard yelling loudly "Drop the gun", "Drop the gun" about 15 times! Was that because Scott actually was drawing down on the cops? But why would he do that? If he did, I'm surprised they said it that many times before shooting him. Or were the cops creating a record to cover what they were already in the process of doing? They already knew his fingerprints and DNA would be found on the gun. From the videos, we can see that Scott had his hands besides his side and is walking backwards from the cops when he is shot. It is clear he has nothing in his right hand and Scott was right-handed. He has something in his left hand but no one can say what it is. Most importantly, he never raises it or points it.

According to the police department, race had nothing to do with it. It was the lethal combination of guns and drugs that spurred them into action. Never mind possessing a handgun and marijuana are both legal in many states in the Union. The New York Times reported:
Chief Kerr Putney of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said that, since Mr. Scott was in possession of both marijuana and a handgun, it raised a safety issue officers felt compelled to confront.
Based on their earlier observations, these two cops already knew he had a gun. If they were really interested in apprehending a criminal, they had time to call for backup and a senior officer. Instead they settled the matter themselves. They didn't even tell their supervisor they were blowing the stakeout. They already knew there would be a gun and marijuana at the scene. Bonus, they didn't even have to plant the evidence, maybe just move it around a bit, as was proven by Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC last night.

Lawrence O'Donnell had the last word last night when he compared the police leaked photo on the left that shows what looks like a gun near Keith Scott's feet, with a similar frame taken from the video shot by his wife that doesn't show a gun near his feet.
I am not saying this is for sure what happened, but I am saying a reasonable case can be made that even if it was illegal for Keith Scott to be in possession of either the gun or the marijuana, he was a victim of premeditated police murder because he was a nigger with a gun.

It will be interesting to see if anyone either in justice or media will investigate this angle.

Keith Scott's Wife's Recording of Charlotte Shooting

2nd Eyewitness To The Keith Scott Execution Says White Cop Did The Shooting Not The Black Cop

New York Times video collection

Charlotte Police Release Video Of Fatal Shooting Of Keith Scott!

It is very convenient that body cameras don't record audio for 30 seconds for "privacy reasons" because if we had audio [probably recoverable] of the shooting, that the audio together with the proximity to the cop in red would reveal that he was the real shooter.

And finally, would you believe there is a white nationalist Alt-Right interpretation of these events that also sees both the police shooting and the protests as part of the Obama-Clinton "Summer of Chaos" plans to cancel the elections and declare "Left" dictatorship. They also believes the gun was planted but see the hands of Clinton and Soros behind these events. "70% of the people arrested during the protest were bused in from other states. They were not from that area and they were there very fast." As if there are teams of transport people and paid demonstrator that could get to Charlotte faster than people genuinely outraged by the shooting and traveling on their own dime. They see the Black Lives Matter protesters the same way my "anti-imperialist" friends see the revolutionaries in Libya and Syria. They'll all pawns or proxies.

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