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Saturday, July 16, 2016

News Flash: Terrorists didn't bring down EgyptAir Flight 804

What just happened about 12 hours ago? A plane got blown out of the sky and if anything, if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky you're 100% wrong folks, okay.
                       - Donald Trump on EgyptAir Fl 804 crash
It would seem that there is now a full court press to convince all of us that terrorism and specifically ISIS terrorism is problem #1 in the world today. So its not surprising that when EgyptAir Flight 804 mysteriously went down in the Med on 19 May 2016, the media en masse jumped to the conclusion it was another ISIS terrorist attack. In fact, they covered the crash in a way that would seem to make it a forgone conclusion.

The Mirror headlined: Egypt plane crash: How terrorists could have downed EgyptAir flight 804
The Guardian headlined: Terrorism 'most likely' cause of EgyptAir flight MS804 crash
The Chicago Tribune suspected: Terrorism suspected in crash of EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo with 66 on board
Voice of America reported: EgyptAir Crash Likely Caused by Terrorist Attack
Even the usually reliable Daily Beast chime in with: EgyptAir Flight 804 Crash Increasingly Looks Like Terrorism adding the subhead It now appears a sudden, complete explosion caused by a bomb brought down the Airbus over the Mediterranean—but that doesn't mean it was ISIS.

While this narrative made the tragic crash useful in keeping up the terrorism scare, some started to question it as weeks went by and no terrorist group took credit for it, not even ISIS and they will take credit for just about anything, even mad dog attacks.

Two days after the crash, when it came out that a remote monitoring system reported smoke in the avionics for minutes before all reporting stopped, Linux Beach went against this trend by asking: Egyptair MS804: What kind of bomb takes 3 minutes to blow up an aircraft? Almost all of the media ignored these telling facts so that they could continue to promote the terrorism angle.

Now some time has pasted, the black boxes have been recovered and analysed and the biggest news is that the crew can clearly be heard talking about a fire on the plane. CNN has reported:
EgyptAir voice recorder indicates fire on doomed plane

By Lorenza Brascia and Catherine E. Shoichet
6 July 2016
(CNN)Investigators trying to piece together what caused EgyptAir Flight 804 to plunge into the Mediterranean Sea now have another clue.

The plane's cockpit voice recorder indicates there was a fire on the aircraft before it crashed -- and an attempt to put it out, a senior source from the airline told CNN on Tuesday.

The revelation adds another detail to a picture that's been slowly emerging since the May 19 crash. But investigators have said it's still too soon to say what happened aboard the flight. More...
Meaning they still have hope that somehow they can call it terrorism. Still, I thought I'd better do a follow up report because for some reason the media has been very quiet about this story. For that reason I fear that the vast majority of those that were told this was yet another terrorist attack will never hear the good news that it wasn't.

Funny how that works...

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