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Friday, June 13, 2014

Introducing Doctor Claiborne

My Great-Grandfather was born a slave.
John J Aldridge
Grandfather Aldridge was a share cropper in North Carolina who eventually saved enough to buy his plot of land and become a small independent farmer. 

Grandfather Claiborne was a shoemaker in Baltimore supporting a large family.
James Claiborne Family - 1922

My Mom, Macy Claiborne
My Mother was the first member of her family to graduate from college, and although my Father never got more than a high school diploma, he became a consultant to every Republican president from Eisenhower to Bush Sr.

My Dad with Presidents

It wasn't until I watched the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, about the city where I was born and my Dad began his political career, that I fully understood why he ended up on the Republican side of the street. Politically, I didn't follow him, although he did teach me that both parties were different wings of the same bird of prey.

My own college career was cut short of a diploma by the Vietnam War and my activism against it.

Candice Claiborne

This Sunday, my Daughter, Candice Nicole Claiborne, will be the first in our family to go all the way when she accepts her Doctor of Philosophy degree in clinical psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Best Father's Day Gift Ever!

Candice and her Dad, Linux advocates at Comdex 1997
She help make the famous tall red hat.

Candice and her Mon at Garduation


  1. we're all so happy for both of you! great job

  2. Congratulations to all. I'm very happy for you and your daughter. What a proud papa you must be!

  3. Candice? Whom I showed how to make a sock puppet when she was in grade school? Dear Lord, how long ago must that have been? I can't find words to tell you how happy I am for you both.

    Dan Wilcox

    1. We both remember the Dodger games with you ages ago, Good to hear from you.

  4. Good for you Clay and good for your daughter. You are deservedly proud. Those pictures of your ancestors are priceless. Benjamin Israel

  5. Wow. Be real careful on Father's Day to keep your heart rate in check...

    1. You may remember her as one of the under-aged Linux Booth workers we had keep smuggling back into an early COMDEX -see picture added above

  6. Congratulations Clay.

    You are deservedly proud of your daughter and your family. It is nice to see an old friend have such a nice father's day.

    Jon Cohen

  7. I remember her with the "famous hat". You did a good job in raising her, my friend.