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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Assad Knows: Chemical Attacks Kill Children First!

A few late night thoughts.

Clearly these latest chemical attacks are the most terrible the Syrian people have witnessed. But there is something else about them. Something about the timing. They come almost a year to the day of Obama's famous "red-line" proclamation, almost as if Assad was mocking him.

There is something else. Something much darker.

I wrote Assad's New Strategy: Nothing Makes People Flee Like Murdering Their Children three weeks ago and it is terrible but it is true.

There is something else I realized this evening, as I posted the pictures of the dead and dying children: A chemical attack disproportionately affects children, it has a definite bias in favor of killing them - and Assad knows this!

A gas attack actually isn't the best way to kill soldiers. They are likely to be in their prime, in good health. They may have training and equipment to deal with it. No, gas attacks have a preference for the very young and the very old, for those in ill health and pregnant women. They are especially mean weapons. Even a nuclear strike is more egalitarian, killing everyone, but a chemical attack, by its nature, will kill the child before it kills the parent, kill the civilian before it kills the soldier and may even, as agent orange is still doing in Vietnam, kill the children of children not yet born.

And this is what we are allowing Assad to do to our children?

Ghouta Massacre - more terrorists killed by Assad | 21 Aug 2013

Suffer the little children if we don't make chemical attacks a red-line we enforce!

Assad Must Go Now!

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A statement from Jobar's Medical Point regarding the chemical attack

If you watch this video you'll see how he vividly shows how civilians suffered much more than soliders, often just because they didn't know what to do and did the wrong thing.
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  1. Imagine this scenario: I'm a heart-eating, terrorist alCIAda soldier (Chechyn, Libyan, Egyptian--who cares?) armed and supported by a whole host of forces aiming to overthrow Assad. I'm about to be annihilated by a far superior military force. Our forces are surrounded.

    I know, unequivocally, that if I launch a gas attack, as other alCIAda cannibals have done, that Clay Claiborne will write unsubstantiated articles blaming President Assad. I also know that ONLY this action can elicit intervention by the imperialist forces, SAVING MY DYING ASS.

    What do you do? OK, OK, OK--after you eat a full rack of grilled baby ribs, THEN what do you do?

  2. I would delete your comments except I think it more damaging to your cause if I let them stand.

  3. You've got it wrong. Where are the mothers of the children seen in the photos? Why do we see only a few men? The event was staged to provoke Obama into greater US participation by crossing his "red-line." Why didn't he act? Because the gas was traced to the "moderate rebels" we support, not Assad. Here's irrefutable proof along with proof of the staging of the photos and videos of the victims: